Neuralnet-pytorch is built on top of Pytorch, so obviously Pytorch is needed. Please refer to the official Pytorch website for installation details.

Other dependencies

In Neuralnet-pytorch, we use several backends to visualize training, so it is necessary to install some additional packages. For convenience, installing the package will install all the required dependencies. Optional dependencies can be installed as instructed below.

Install Neuralnet-pytorch

There are two ways to install Neuralnet-pytorch: via PyPi and Github. At the moment, the package is not available on Conda yet.

From PyPi

The easiest and quickest way to get Neuralnet-pytorch is to install the package from Pypi. In a Terminal session, simply type

pip install neuralnet-pytorch

From Github

To install the bleeding-edge version, which is highly recommended, run

pip install git+git://

To install the package with optional dependencies, try

pip install "neuralnet-pytorch[option] @ git+git://"

in which option can be gin/geom/visdom/slack.

We also provide a version with some fancy Cuda/C++ implementations that are implemented or collected from various sources. To install this version, run

pip install neuralnet-pytorch --cuda-ext

Uninstall Neuralnet-pytorch

Simply use pip to uninstall the package

pip uninstall neuralnet-pytorch

Why would you want to do that anyway?

Upgrade Neuralnet-pytorch

Use pip with -U or --upgrade option

pip install -U neuralnet-pytorch

However, for maximal experience, please considering using the bleeding-edge version on Github.

Reinstall Neuralnet-pytorch

If you want to reinstall Neuralnet-pytorch, please uninstall and then install it again. When reinstalling the package, we recommend to use --no-cache-dir option as pip caches the previously built binaries

pip uninstall neuralnet-pytorch
pip install neuralnet-pytorch --no-cache-dir